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The Mercury dime was only minted until 1945, when the sudden death of President Franklin Roosevelt prompted the creation of the Roosevelt dime. History of the 1916 Mercury Dime. 1916 was the first year of production for the Mercury dime, and, as first years often are, it. 1916 Mercury Dime: Minting information, specifications, characteristics, current melt value, and past sales prices. Issued by the U.S. Mint in 1916. 1916 P Mercury Dime: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. Buy & Sell This Coin. This page also shows coins listed for sale so you can buy and sell.

1916 Mercury Dime Value graded and certified MS63 FB is worth up to $52 and in MS65 FB can be worth up to $90. However, to attain the higher values the coin must be graded by PCGS or NGC. Price guides offer values loosely based on coins already graded or encapsulated by PCGS and NGC, and rarely sample the values of raw, common and circulated coins. 1916-S Mercury Dime value depends on the condition, grade and if the band lines are fully split and struck Full Bands, referred to as FB. So expect to see a value from $1 to $3 if found in your pocket change in grades almost uncirculated AU or less, and $5 plus for uncirculated raw examples. On the other hand, if you have a Mecury dime with a 1916 and a D mintmark on the reverse, you have a coin worth several hundred to several thousands of dollars depending on condition. If you have just a 1916 dime with no, or another mintmark, it is only worth a few bucks for silver. There are also quarters produced in 1916.

Mercury Dime 1916-1945 Mercury dimes are very popular ten-cent pieces produced by the United States Mint from 1916 to 1945. By taking the time to have your Mercury Dime graded, you may be able to get a closer idea as to what the coin might be worth to coin dealers and collectors. Silver Mercury dime values are updated every minute with the live silver price at Coinflation. The numismatic and collectible value is also updated frequently to help you determine the full worth. 08/07/2010 · Hi, not too long ago I was going on vacation and was cashing in a jar that was full of random coins for some extra spending money. While looking through the jar to remove anything that couldn't be cashed in I noticed a weird looking coin, so i took it out. When I looked at it the date on it said 1916, and said "one dime" on the back.

25/11/2006 · It depends on it's grade and mint mark which is on the reverse next to the letter E in one. The 1916 in grade good is worth $2.25 and $4.50 in fine.The 1916-S good $2.75 and fine $7.00. The 1916-D is the key and is worth $585.00 in good and $1,900 in fine.Good-full rim letters and date clear. Dime Values Rise with Condition Collectors avidly seek these old coins. As a result, impressive values even for the most common coins in the series. The chart also highlights the huge difference from the "Good" condition to the "Uncirculated" condition coin. The standout example is the Barber Dime 1892-1916.

Looking to see how much your Mercury dime is worth? This page lists coin values and prices for dimes minted from 1916 to 1945. Only 264,000 of the 1916-D Mercury Dime were produced by the Denver Mint, making it the rarest date in the Mercury Dime Collection. The 1916-D Mercury Dime is one of the coins tracked in the Rare Coin Values Index, which measures the overall stregth of the U.S. rare coin market. Barber dime value and prices produced between 1892 and 1916 are featured on this page. Numismatic and metal values are also featured, and the coin melt value is updated live.

10 cents 1916. The date on the image can be different from the year selected. 10 cents 1916 prices and values. The value of a canadian coin depends on several factors such as quality and wear, supply and demand, rarity, finish and more. Barber Dime Value Facts: Date – Mint Rarity: Most Barber Dime dates and mints are numerous and worth just about silver melt, but there’s some rare dates and mints to look for. The 1895-O has the lowest mintage at 440,000 and it’s value begins at $300; the highest mintage goes to 1907 P at 22,220,000 and the value begins at $3.00. The Mercury Dime was a dime issued at the United States mints during the years of 1916 through 1945. Current silver melt value for any mercury dime is $1.20 as the coin is 90% silver. Calculate the value of $1.00 in 1916. Calculates inflation to see what a U.S. dollar was worth in the past and today. View historical and today's current inflation rates, using the CPI provided by the United States government. Inflation data is updated regularly. 09/09/2019 · From your latest pictures, I a nice dime that's worth something less then $50. As several others have already said, you could certainly pay to get this slabbed. Getting this slabbed will cost about $50 including all shipping fees, and then you'll have the same dime in plastic that's still worth.

The 1916-D is the key date and it’s worth at least $500, if authenticated, and that’s followed by the 1921 and 1921-D which are worth at least $50 each. Grade – Condition: Grade and condition is more important than mintage when it comes to each Mercury Dime value. 1892-1916 barber dime As early as 1879, public dissatisfaction with the Seated Liberty design was heard in Washington and Philadelphia. It was felt by many that the nation’s coin designs were second-rate, but few could have predicted how mundane a change could really be. Also, the Capped Bust dime was the first dime to have its value written on the coin. Previous designs of the dime had no indication of its value, the way people determined its value was by its size [citation needed] Capped Bust dimes minted through 1828 are known as the Large type. 1916-1945 Mercury Dime Coin Guide. 1916-D Mercury Dime. The 1916-D Mercury Dime Buy on eBay is the true key date of the series. The coin has a mintage of just 264,000 pieces, which makes it the lowest of the series. It also represents the only coin of the.

Whether you're in the market to start acquiring a set of silver Roosevelt dimes or you are looking to sell your existing Roosevelt dime collection, you will need to know your coin values and prices. You can also find out how much your Roosevelt clad dime 1965-Date is worth if. They’re relatively more easily found in dime rolls, which is also true when you’re looking for other types of old dimes. Mercury dimes were made during the years 1916 through 1945. Of those years, you’re most likely to find old silver dimes dating from 1934 through 1945. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1916-D 10C Mercury Dime at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! The 1916-D Mercury dime, struck at the Denver Mint, is the key date of the series, with a mintage of 264,000 pieces. The low mintage is because in November 1916, von Engelken informed the three mint superintendents of a large order for quarters, and instructed that. 21/12/2014 · Also, and only for the sake of discussion, it should be noted that the 1916-D "Mercury" dime is far from a rare coin as a date/mint but is very popular, and this, more than anything else, generally accounts for its high all things considered value.

31/08/2009 · The 1916-D Mercury dime is one of those very few coins that is truly special, having a demand which is far greater than its supply. That said, like the 1909-S VDB Lincoln, the 1916-D Mercury dime is certainly a tough coin but not one which is considered a great rarity. Mercury Dimes: See How Much A Mercury Dime 1916-1945 Is Worth. This page may contain affiliate links. In addition to sharing our personal experiences, we often write about products and services that we use ourselves or that we believe would be a helpful resource for you. 16/07/2018 · I've been a collector for many years. Had a friend at church approach me this morning and said he found a 1916 Mercury dime in change received from a purchase. Does it have D mint mark I asked? he said no, it has a W. I said bring it to me next Sunday and I'll put my loop on it. Assuming he's correct, why would someone put a W on a 1916 Mercury?

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